Table 2

Band depth calculations and corresponding wavelength for all samples in order of increasing alteration determined by visual analysis and overall continuum shape; italicized entries are subset used for further study

Avg wavelength1.9151.9121.9141.9181.91321.9141.917
Avg BD19000.0720.1130.1010.0680.1280.1660.155
Avg wavelengthn/an/an/a0.5290.5260.5260.532
Avg BD530n/an/an/a0.1270.0960.1690.273
Avg wavelength2.2992.3122.3162.3152.3122.3092.312
Avg BD23000.0290.0050.0030.0030.1630.0020.005
Avg wavelength2.2082.2142.2142.2072.2072.2062.204
Avg BD22000.02850.0390.0240.0430.0200.0700.099
  • Note: The 1.9 μm band depth is an indicator of water content, and band depths at 2.2 and 2.3 μm indicate Al-OH and Fe,Mg-OH content (e.g., Milliken and Mustard 2005).